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Andy " The Music Man" Morse: LINKS

Mr. Twisty's Silly Magic Show and more.

Looking for an awesome, sharp witted, personable, silly magician and balloon artist? Mr. Twisty is the one! With over 20 years experience he knows how to keep the whole family in stitches.

Guitar in the Classroom
Children's Music Network
Interested in networking with other children's musicians?
Darrin Brenner Graphic Art

The lovely and talented Darrin does my graphic art. Enjoy her beautiful art.

Joanne Hoose Photography
Joann has done many of the photos for me. She's based in Albany, NY and shoots for many special events.
K and K acoustic pick ups
They just picked me for artist of the month of December! I have the Ultra Pure pick up installed in my Martin Shenandoah HD2832 Guitar and I couldn't be happier with them and their company.
Kovacik Guitars
Looking for a professional luthier around Albany, NY? I highly recommend Steve for all your stringed instrument needs.